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Wrongful Death: What to Do If Your Loved One is Killed in a Rollover or Hit and Run

Rollover accidents generally result in catastrophic injuries if not death to the vehicle occupants. If the defendant responsible for the accident fled the scene, then the tragedy is compounded since a responsible party is evading responsibility.  What are the dynamics of a rollover accident, and what can you do if your loved one was killed in a Massachusetts car accident that was a rollover and/or a hit-and-run accident?

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Legal Malpractice Causing Wrongful Death?

We have represented many families whose loved one was the victim of wrongful death.  The most common reasons for wrongful death are motor vehicle negligence, a motorcycle accident, drowning, or a fire in an apartment building.  We have also represented many victims of legal malpractice in Massachusetts.  Those cases often involve a conflict of interest, negligence in civil procedure, failing to perform up the standards in criminal law, or over billing.  Wrongful death as a result of legal malpractice is not something we hear about often.  However, there is a Massachusetts case in which legal malpractice was alleged as the cause of death.  Read on.

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Bus Fatal Injury Leads to $26 Million Settlement

As a mode of transportation, buses are generally safer than riding in a passenger vehicle. They are larger and heavier and can withstand more force than an ordinary automobile. Passengers sit several feet above the road surface so they seldom are exposed to blunt force trauma from another vehicle. Still, bus passengers suffer serious and sometimes fatal injuries. In one tragic case in Southern California recently, a 16-year old was killed on a double-decker tour bus that led to a multi-million dollar verdict.

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Casinos and Drunk Driving Accidents

Casino gambling opened up for states other than Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1988 after Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.  Slowly, states began passing laws establishing casino gambling on Native American lands within their communities until 29 states currently allow various gaming activities.  Massachusetts opened its first casino in 2015 at Plainridge Park and there are three additional casinos expected to open in the state by 2018 that are slated to be much larger facilities.  But along with the allegedly anticipated revenues to feed the state budget comes the specter of increased drunk driving accidents.

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What You Need to Know about Home Fires: The Legal Perspective

Home fires account for an inordinate number of catastrophic injuries.  There are over a million fires occurring per year that affect persons in all kinds of circumstances from home mishaps, campfires, cars, boats, fireworks and others.

In a 2015 study of the past 10 years, it was shown that there has been an average of 2,470 deaths annually from home fires and around 12,000 injuries.  Injuries and death from a fire injury often occur in the following home areas: Read more

Breakdown Lane Accident With Pedestrian Results in Wrongful Death

Maryland newspapers and newscasts recently reported that a local superhero had died in a car crash. They were referring to a fatal highway accident that claimed the life of Leonard Robinson, a retired businessman who played the role of movie and comic book figure, Batman, for countless children stricken by cancer and other serious illnesses.  In his guise as the dark knight, Robinson had entertained thousands of children in hospitals, schools and at charity events and was hailed by many as a true life superhero.  Robinson’s persona came to light a few years ago after he was stopped by police in his “Batmobile,” a custom made motor vehicle built to resemble the one used in Batman comics and movies, for not displaying a license plate.  Amused officers let Robinson proceed to his event and the encounter was captured on a widely viewed YouTube video.

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Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Red Bull

Can sweet caffeinated beverages marketed to youth result in wrongful death?  On a November evening in 2011, 33 year old Cory Terry was playing basketball with friends when he collapsed soon after complaining of light-headedness.  Mr. Terry later died, the official cause of death being “idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy,” which means his heart stopped.  Apparently he drank a Red Bull less than an hour before.  And he drank it regularly. Read more