Personal Injury Client Testimonials

“Neil represented my family after a car accident and we were very pleased; he helped us with PIP [Personal Injury Protection insurance from your own vehicle insurance company], he helped us understand the law regarding legal responsibility for motor vehicle accidents, and he got us a substantial settlement. He explained the process all along, too.” J.H., Cambridge

“I hired The Law Office of Neil Burns when our landlord allowed a rotten step to go – even after we complained. I broke my leg. Attorney Burns and his office took my case to Court and we settled just before trial.” M.P., Dorchester.

“Neil represented my in a legal malpractice case. My first lawyer filed suit, but failed to follow the Rules, and my [Federal Court] civil rights case was dismissed. Mr. Neil Burns won the malpractice case [$1,000,000.00] and went after my first lawyer relentlessly. Attorney Burns even got my first lawyer thrown in jail for refusing to pay the Court ordered monthly payments!” Initials withheld, Massachusetts.

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