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Biking Safety in Massachusetts

Biking is healthy. Commuting to work and school by bike is better. Or is it?

While only a very small percentage of trips taken by Americans are by bicycle, bike riders face a significantly higher risk of injury and even death than occupants of motor vehicles.

Biking in Boston has become more common. Bike lanes have been established. Bike rentals are everywhere. Offices and the MBTA offer places to lock your bikes.

But is biking safe? Studies differ. For example, in 2010, 800 bicyclists were killed and more than a half a million sought emergency room treatment for injuries from bike accidents. The medical costs and loss of productivity can be over $5 billion. Read more

Avoiding Bike Accidents on Massachusetts Roads

It’s summer! The bicycle riders are out. In the suburbs there are one set of rules to remember and in the city there are additional rules. Of course the law is the law: wear a helmet, learn and obey traffic laws and you will resolve most potential safety problems. Bicycle accidents in Massachusetts are unfortunately all too common, especially in the summer. Many victims don’t know that there is often insurance coverage for victims of Massachusetts bicycle accidents.
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Boston Car Accident Lawyer Ponders Distracted Pedestrian Law

Massachusetts banned texting while driving and teenagers using cellphones while driving. However, is it time to consider banning using iPods while walking? The number of deaths among pedestrians in Massachusetts is up from 14 in the first six months of 2009 to 25 in 2010 for that period. The distracted pedestrian is the target of lawmakers in several states, who are considering laws aimed at distracted pedestrians. The reason? An 0.4% increase, nationally, in pedestrian deaths. When a pedestrian is injured by a motor vehicle, was his electronic distraction a factor? You can bet the insurance defense attorney will use that information.
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Boston Bike Accidents Warning Map Published

Boston bike accident attorney Neil Burns reports that a helpful study has been undertaken by the Boston Cyclists’ Union regarding the locus of bike accidents in and around Boston. Their interactive bike map of Boston boasts of being the “best source of online information available on bike crashes” in Boston. I’ll bet they are correct. The map includes Cambridge bike accidents and Brookline bike accidents and, of course, offers satellite and hybrid views. The most alarming finding, to a motor vehicle accident attorney was that only 34% of those bikers picked up by ambulances were wearing helmets.
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Bicycle Helmets Recommended in Massachusetts, Even for Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady

We know, we know, Tom Brady is invincible. The best quarterback in football, Superbowl rings on more fingers than anyone, and an amazing win against Pittsburg on Sunday night. But caught by the paparazzi while riding bicycles with his wife and two sons, we see that neither Tom nor Gisele wear helmets when they bike around Boston. Bicycle injury lawyer Neil Burns reports that while the law in Massachusetts does not require adults to wear helmets, it is highly recommended. Last year 630 bicyclists died in the US, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Brain and spinal injury lawyer Neil Burns notes that 91% of bicyclists killed in 2008 were not wearing helmets. “A helmet is the single most effective way to prevent head injury resulting from a bicycle crash,” according to NHTSA Bicycle Safety tips.
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Massachusetts Laws for Pedestrian and Motorcycle Safety

For Massachusetts and Boston area residents, the warmer weather often means spending more time outside. So motorcycle and pedestrian injury attorney Neil Burns wants to remind Boston area pedestrians and motorcyclists to remain safe as the warmer weather approaches. “It’s a good time to review Massachusetts laws and road rules pertaining to pedestrian and motorcycle operation and safety,” says Boston injury attorney Neil Burns, citing Massachusetts laws and regulations.
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