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Bike Accidents on the Rise in Boston

Bicycling is on the rise in many of our cities, including Boston, but unfortunately so are serious bike crashes.  As a bike accident lawyer I see the emotional toll these accidents take on the victims every day.  Designated bike lanes are now ubiquitous throughout our urban and suburban areas. There is the added incentive of no longer having to search for parking or to deal with heavy traffic.  A younger work force has embraced bicycle commuting as well with many companies encouraging it.  Since 2009, ridership in Boston has grown by over 120%.

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Massachusetts Motorcycle Accidents on the Rise in 2016

Motorcycle accidents and fatalities have been decreasing for several years but in 2016, state officials are finding that the trend is reversing. There are likely several reasons for this unfortunate circumstance.

Officials are mostly blaming the mild winter for the rise in motorcycle accidents. Traffic observers commented that they rarely if ever saw motorcycle accidents in the winter months in prior years but the warm weather brought out riders as early as February in 2016. There have been 2 fatal motorcycle accidents each month from February to April giving the state a head start toward exceeding its average of 38 to 46 fatalities it experienced in the past 3 years. Warm weather always brings out more vehicles and as a result, and the incidence of accidents are bound to increase.

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Duck Boat Accident and Employer Liability

In a recent tragic accident involving a Boston duck boat driver whose tour vehicle struck and killed a 28-year old woman on a motor scooter on Beacon Hill, there are questions surrounding the employer as well as the vehicle operator.  Apparently, a review of the driver’s motor vehicle record revealed a number of startling facts that seemed to have escaped the attention of the vehicle’s owner and driver’s employer, Boston Duck Tours.

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Car Accident Investigations

One late afternoon returning from work, you see the light up ahead just turn green and enter the intersection. While looking straight ahead, your attention is directed for just an instant to your right and you notice a flash or blur just before losing consciousness. When you awake, you are in a hospital room, your face badly bruised and your limbs in traction. You have little or no memory of the accident.

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What You Need to Know About Dog Attacks in 2016

Each year there are an astounding 4.5 million dog bites in the US with many victims requiring reconstructive surgery from being mauled by a dog’s powerful jaws, teeth and claws.  The Center for Disease Control reports that 368,000 dog attack victims visit emergency rooms each year with 27,000 requiring reconstructive surgery.  In 2015, there were 35 fatalities nationwide that were attributed to a dog attack.

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Not What St Patrick Had in Mind

On March 20, 2016, Boston will stage its annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, a tradition that began in 1901.  Other Massachusetts towns and cities will have their own parades, either this day or beginning as early as March 5 and during subsequent weekends up to the day of the Boston festival.  Of course, the focus for many will be on the parade in South Boston, or Southie as natives refer to this area, a slice of the city that its residents boast is the most Irish in America. But along with the celebrations, colorful costumes, music, food and other festivities, lurks the dangers of drinking and driving.

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New Law Hand Held Cell Phones Illegal While Driving

In January, the Massachusetts Senate passed by voice vote a ban on hand-held cell phones while driving.  The bill is currently in the Massachusetts House where it will continue to be debated but, hopefully according to many frustrated lawmakers, still intact.  This is a big win for any future accident victims who were hit by distract driver, and provides the tools necessary for a distracted driving lawyer to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Are Energy Drinks Really Safe?

So, are energy drinks really bad for your health?  Go to any convenience stor, liquor store or aisle of most grocery stores and the shelves are stocked with several different brands of “energy drinks” such as Red Bull, Monster, Full Throttle and Rockstar, to name just a few.  A close examination of the ingredients in these beverages reveals a large dose of caffeine and an unknown quantity of sugar, a sure warning sign that the drink is not good for you. Other ingredients are a mystery to most people, such as Guarana. This is a South American fruit loaded with caffeine!

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Former Police Chief Offers His Views on Uber

Ed Davis, a former Boston police chief, recently offered strong criticisms of the taxi services his office monitored during his relatively brief tenure.  Davis, who served as the city’s police commissioner from 2006 to 2013, relayed the statements shortly after his appointment to Uber’s new safety advisory board. Uber is the leading company in the ride-hailing industry where people with its app on their smartphones can request a ride and have their fare automatically paid with credit card information already input.

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