Uber Accidents In Massachusetts and the New 911 App

Victims of motor vehicle accidents in Massachusetts, and especially Greater Boston where there is a higher concentration of ride sharing services, have a new, helpful and potentially life saving feature in their Uber app.

Uber Now Has 911 Built Into Uber App in Massachusetts

In a great step toward more safety in accidents, Uber has initiated a new program, to start in Massachusetts before any other state, which is an updated 911 feature built into the Uber app.  Upon calling 911 thorough the app, the app sends the 911 operator the vehicle information, license place, and the location of the vehicle automatically.  Thus, if you need to make a 911 call, you don’t even need to provide that information – first responders will have it instantly.  And they can find you faster, especially on busy streets.

Accident lawyers at Burns and Jain report that this feature would allow victims more time to explain their injury information as the type of car and street location are already known to the police.  The first responders can ready themselves for the situation before they get there – and the likelihood of a mistake in the color, make or model of a vehicle is minimized.

Does Lyft or other rider share operators have this feature?  We don’t think so, but with competition, perhaps it will be provided.

Uber and Lyft Verses Boston Taxis

Many folks say that they will only take a taxi to support the taxicab drivers.  Burns and Jain lawyers support taxi drivers, many of whom have been clients over the past 34 years, along with  the owners of small cab companies, many of whom have lost much if not most of their life savings with the value of the medallions diminishing because of Uber and Lyft.  Unfortunately, taxis in Boston are only required to have minimal personal injury liability coverage and historically use insurance companies that generally will not work with victims.

Anecdotally, Burns and Jain attorneys report that they have had good success when their clients are victims of Uber and Lyft accidents.  The insurance company adjusters are professional and willing to work toward a solution for our clients.  And, there is sufficient insurance for serious accident victims.

Furthermore, when in a taxi and a victim of an accident, the passenger almost never knows the license plate of the vehicle and the back seat can be distracting because of tv ads preventing passengers from seeing the driver information, which is not lit up.

Underinsurance Needed For Folks Who Take Uber?

While Uber vehicles have higher insurance requirements than taxis in Massachusetts, if you have a vehicle, the lawyers at Burns & Jain still recommend that you get the maximum Underinsurance on your own vehicle.  It may help you tremendously if you are a victim of an accident in your vehicle.  Moreover, it may help you and family members if you are a victim of an accident in an Uber or any other vehicle.

Uber Accident Attorneys at Burns & Jain Represent Accident Victims

The attorneys at Burns & Jain have been representing motor vehicle accident victims since 1985, and victims of Uber and Lyft accidents since day one in Massachusetts.  They are in downtown Boston and represent accident victims throughout the Commonwealth.  Call for a free consultation:  617-227-7423