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USA Falling Behind in Automobile Safety

Some of us who live in the U.S. think of our nation as overly regulated, especially when it comes to safety precautions. Workplace safety should be of paramount concern, however, and OSHA can impose fines and sanctions against companies that fail to meet certain safety standards. There are also strict standards regarding product safety that most people accept as necessary. But when it comes to certain areas of our lives, we seem to balk at what some consider to be unreasonable restraints on our freedoms. One of these concerns automobile safety.

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Massachusetts Lawyer Cannot Withdraw From Case

When Boston attorneyThomas Kiley decided he was no longer interested in representing a plaintiff in a medical malpractice case he left the client, an alleged victim of medical malpractice and unskilled in the law, without a lawyer, facing the opposing aggressive malpractice attorney. The client could not find another lawyer and made several critical mistakes while trying to navigate his civil case through the courts. The case before the Supreme Judicial Court centered on who had the obligation to keep the client; the attorney or his former law firm. The trial court ruled that Attorney Thomas Kiley had to keep the case.
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Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Trials

Massachusetts and Boston’s surrounding suburbs are a difficult place for medical malpractice claims. Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly recently reviewed every medical malpractice case tried in Massachusetts Superior Court’s in 2009. The end result showed how difficult it is to win your case against a Boston or Massachusetts area hospital or doctor. The experienced personal injury attorneys at the Boston Law Office of Neil Burns know first-hand how difficult it is to win at trial. “The survey done by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly simply demonstrates what we know firsthand,” says Boston personal injury attorney Neil Burns.
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