Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Trials

Massachusetts and Boston’s surrounding suburbs are a difficult place for medical malpractice claims. Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly recently reviewed every medical malpractice case tried in Massachusetts Superior Court’s in 2009. The end result showed how difficult it is to win your case against a Boston or Massachusetts area hospital or doctor. The experienced personal injury attorneys at the Boston Law Office of Neil Burns know first-hand how difficult it is to win at trial. “The survey done by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly simply demonstrates what we know firsthand,” says Boston personal injury attorney Neil Burns.

Among the 10 counties in Massachusetts, Barnstable had the highest plaintiff verdicts at 25%. Half of the counties had zero plaintiff verdicts in 2009. Judge Patrick F. Brady, who sits in Norfolk County, reports that of the 151 personal injury trials he presided over, from 1993 to date, only 16 have resulted in plaintiff verdicts higher than the pre-trial offer. In Plymouth County, the number was only 3 out of 49 trials.
At the Boston Law Office of Neil Burns, while we understand the challenges associated with winning at trial, we evaluate every case based on its own merits in deciding how best to maximize our client’s recovery. We urge you to consult a lawyer if you have been injured through no fault of your own.