Massachusetts, Illegal Immigrants and Underinsurance Coverage

We warn our clients to secure Uninsurance and Underinsurance coverage for their motor vehicles all the time. This is because in my 25 years representing victims of motor vehicle accidents, one of the biggest problems we face is clients with significant injuries and insufficient insurance. A new bill, aimed at illegal immigrants requires the Registry of Motor Vehicles to secure the license number of the person registering the vehicle.

Again, the point of the law is to stop illegal immigrants from registering a car. Regardless of the intent, our fear as personal injury attorneys, reading the statistics that both sides publish, is that there are too many people out there without any effective insurance. If they are driving a car without a license, they are more likely to be uninsured.
Thus, whatever your position on illegal immigrants, review your insurance coverage as soon as possible to purchase sufficient uninsurance and underinsurance coverage.