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Massachusetts Chiropractors See Favorable Changes to PIP

Massachusetts chiropractors continue to see favorable changes. A recent case decided in Boston directly affects how medical bills associated with a car accident or pedestrian accident, for example, get processed and paid. The Boston personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Neil Burns bring this update in an effort to share current and helpful information regarding billing practices and policies associated with car accidents injuries in and around the Boston area.
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PIP Application Not Filed–Chiropractors Now Paid

Massachusetts’ Boston Municipal Court’s Appellate Division recently decided a case that is a win for Massachusetts chiropractors. In the case of Advanced Spine Centers, Inc. v. Pilgrim Insurance Company, the Court decided that when an insurance company suffers no prejudice and receives all the information sought in a “PIP package” sent to an insured/patient, the insurance company cannot deny chiropractic payment based on the fact that it did not receive the returned “PIP package.” The Boston personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Neil Burns can review your individual case of non-payment for the insured’s failure to return a PIP application.
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Massachusetts Auto Accident Victims’ Chiropractors Now Subpoenaed

In a recent District Court decision in Salem, Massachusetts, the insurance companies won a small, but significant, victory in their never ending battle against the rights of Massachusetts insureds. In a non binding decision to other districts, but perhaps a sign of things to come, District Court Judge Richard A. Mori found that a Chiropractor who failed to appear at a deposition as per an insurance company’s subpoena could not seek payment for medical treatment he rendered to insured victims of a motor vehicle accident.
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