Massachusetts Chiropractors See Favorable Changes to PIP

Massachusetts chiropractors continue to see favorable changes. A recent case decided in Boston directly affects how medical bills associated with a car accident or pedestrian accident, for example, get processed and paid. The Boston personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Neil Burns bring this update in an effort to share current and helpful information regarding billing practices and policies associated with car accidents injuries in and around the Boston area.

Recently, a few cases have come down that change the way a licensed Massachusetts automobile insurer is able to process PIP billing and payments. You can check our blog for chiropractic news articles we have written regarding PIP payments and the recent decisions affecting those payments.
For this most recent case, the Court continues on the path set in an earlier decision regarding the payment of a disputed balance extinguishing a reimbursement claim. In the case of Baron Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, P.C. v. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company of Boston, Inc., the Court dismissed the trial court’s finding for Enterprise because the fact that Enterprise tendered payment of the disputed amount billed by Baron did not extinguish the case in light of the fact that Baron was also looking for, in addition to the money paid, attorney costs, fees and expenses associated with having to sue Enterprise for money they should have paid short of the lawsuit.
This is great news for those submitting bills under PIP. An insurer must now think twice about letting your unpaid balance go so far that you file suit to recover the disputed amount. Where before this decision an insurer could hedge-their-bets (even if you filed suit they could just pay your balance); they must now factor your chances of recovery because their costs continue to mount for as long as they withhold payment.
The case cited above is: Baron Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, P.C. v. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company of Boston, Inc. District Court/BMC Trial Division; Docket #13-064-10.