Massachusetts Consumer News on Unsafe Toys

According to Mass Public Interest Research Group, or MassPirg, there are toys to avoid this year when shopping. Keeping children safe in Massachusetts has been a goal of our blog, our office and our litigation for over 25 years.

Baby Doll, manufactured by Baby Toys, has phthalate, which is toxic and should be avoided for all children who may put the doll near their mouths. Bright Stars Travel Book, manufactured by Kids II Inc, contains a high quantity of antimony, which is a carcinogen. Dora the Explorer Backpack had a too high quantity of phthalate, which is toxic. Let’s Get Building! Construction Playset, made Fisher Price, contains cones that are too small and may caused choking. Lokmork/Baby’s First Train, distributed by HABA, has parts that are too small for the “Age 1+” on the label that they market to. Plastic Handcuffs, made by Ja-Ru, contain antimony, which is a carcinogen that is 20 times the allowed amount. There are many other toys, and we urge parents and folks shopping for young children to be mindful of all products they buy for youngsters. See the full list at MassPirg’s website.