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Injured From a Drone What You Need to Know

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, here come the drones! Drones are not just for the U.S. military to target foreign terrorists anymore. They are being tested for use by Amazon to deliver packages, by real estate agents to take aerial photos of homes, by search and rescue crews to quickly and more extensively look for lost individuals, for media coverage, and by others to enable them to view otherwise inaccessible areas for safety or other reasons. But these are also the newest toys in town, especially for amateur aviators, and can be purchased by nearly anyone from $50 to thousands of dollars for more sophisticated users. Drones have the ability to fly at altitudes well over 400 feet and can approach speeds of 140 miles per hour.

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Are HoverBoards Safe? Short Answer: No

Hoverboards have been in the news recently after a spate of fires engulfed the devices and in some cases, the house or structure where it was charging.  The boards do not literally hover, of course, as its name was derived from a levitating skateboard ridden by the main character in one of the “Back to the Future” films.  In reality, these are motorized self-balancing scooters that operators control with their feet.  Though extremely popular, concerns have arisen over their safety.

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Halloween and Real Monsters to be Aware of in Massachusetts: Are Energy Drinks Safe for Massachusetts Consumers?

Some time ago we wrote a Massachusetts personal injury blog story about the dangers of Four Loko, a mixture of booze and caffeine that was subsequently taken off the market in Massachusetts and many other states. The new approach for selling drinks is Monster drinks.
Monster is selling sweet drinks that may have a lethal dose of caffeine. To date, five deaths have been associated with Monster caffeinated beverages; and 37 incidents have been reported. The Federal Food and Drug Administration is investigating.
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Boston Suburb House Fire Blamed on Defective Laptop

In the Boston suburb of Plymouth, Massachusetts the overheating of a Hewlett-Packard Co. laptop is being blamed for a house fire that destroyed John Norrie’s home and seriously injured Mr. Norrie as he escaped the fire.We always promote safety, and represent clients injured in product liability cases Law Office of Neil Burns. You can keep safe by following and staying up to date on recent product recalls: Product Recalls.
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Boston, Massachusetts Clients Beware of Play Yard Bassinets

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, Dorel Juvenile Group is recalling over 200,000 Safety 1st Disney Care Center Play Yards and Eddie Bauer Complete Care Play Yards bassinets. While no injuries have yet to be reported, the design of the bassinets has a defect that may cause suffocation: there are metal bars under the structure. If they become loose, the sleeping surface cam become uneven, risking suffocation for young children.
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