Bostonians Scream For All Natural Ice Cream

The Jimmy Fund’s annual Scooperbowl is testament to Boston residents’ love of ice cream. The Massachusetts region is known to have a high consumption of ice cream related products, too. But you are what you eat. Keeping it all natural is certainly a healthy choice, even with ice cream. The 
<p>Many Boston area residents have enjoyed <a href="" target="_blank">Ben & Jerry”>. But this once venerable small Vermont dairy operation known for its all natural ingredients, is stripping the claim “all natural” from its packaging under pressure from consumer advocates who pointed out some components of the ice cream are not “all natural” and simply do not exist in nature.

Among the ingredients in question in many Ben & Jerry’s products are synthetic vanilla, corn syrup and alkalized cocoa.

Just last month the Center for Science in the Public Interest re-ignited a several year old push for Ben & Jerry’s – now a unit of the massive European conglomerate Unilever – to stop making the claim. “Natural” is one the many terms that routinely appear on food labels with questionable meaning since only one of the two food regulating federal agencies has defined the term. The Food and Drug Administration hasn’t regulated the use of the term and the Department of Agriculture’s interpretation only applies to meat and poultry.