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PIP Insurance Can’t Require Your Provider to Testify

When someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident, PIP, or Personal Injury Protection insurance covers up to $8,000 of medical bills, regardless of who was at fault.  This excellent no-fault medical coverage covers the full bill, unlike most medical insurance companies that negotiate the bill, and therefore has some say as to where you go for treatment, or what treatment is permissible.  Because motor vehicles are inherently dangerous, this required insurance helps everyone who is injured get basic medical care following a collision.  Read more

Massachusetts Drivers Complaints About Motor Vehicle Insurance

Massachusetts drivers pay a premium for automobile insurance. Boston personal injury attorneys focus on victims of collisions. We need to also aid our clients, who are consumers in the purchasing of insurance, from the perspective of a Massachusetts injury lawyer. According to the most recent statistics, from the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation (OCA) the insurance company with the most complaints was Commerce, located in Webster, Massachusetts. Of course, Commerce also has the largest share of “premiums” in Massachusetts.
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Massachusetts Insurance Lawyers Fees

Your insurance company is responsible for defending you if someone sues you after a Massachusetts motor vehicle accident, or a slip and fall accident at your home in Boston. Right? Sure, however, insurance companies often decline to defend you under what they call a “reservation of rights.” In those cases, they may defend you but not guarantee to pay a judgment, or they may not hire a Massachusetts trial lawyer to defend you.
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Massachusetts Personal Injury Victims Win Unfair Claims Settlement Against Insurance Companies

In a recent case in which a victim of a horrific motor vehicle collision in Medway sued the negligent truck driver that rear ended her, the Appeals Court found that the insurance companies have an obligation to make a reasonable settlement offer no matter what the demand. This case reassures victims of motor vehicle accidents and other personal injuries that insurance companies must make reasonable offers of settlement.
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Massachusetts Insurance Company Unfair Settlement Case – Chapter 176D

In a case handed down by the Massachusetts Appeals Court recently, the Court held that AIG did violate the unfair settlement act of Massachusetts. In every case in which an insurance company is involved, the law in Massachusetts says that the insurance company must effectuate a prompt, fair and equitable settlement once liability becomes clear. In motor vehicle accidents, insurance companies have fairly simple protocols to determine liability. In this case, where an 18 wheeler truck collided with the rear end the plaintiff’s vehicle, even the insurance company admitted their insured was at fault.
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