New City of Boston Ordinance May Prevent Accidents

For several years, there has been a debate between drivers and bicyclists.  Drivers claim that cyclists do not adhere to traffic laws as the law requires them, while cyclists believe drivers do not pay enough attention to the road while driving.  This debate may never end, but there is a new piece of legislation in Boston that could potentially affect both sides.

The legislation in question is a City ordinance called “The Act to Protect Vulnerable Road Users” and would require all trucks over 10,000 pounds owned or contracted by the City of Boston to adhere to new safety measures.  These measures include installations of specialty convex mirrors that allow for easier viewing of the roadway as well as reflective stickers placed in blind spots to remind pedestrians and cyclists of areas they can be invisible to truck drivers.

How can every person on the road do their part?

For the purpose of this legislation, vulnerable road users are defined as cyclists, pedestrians, wheelchair users, and other non-motorized vehicle users.  There are other laws in place aimed to prevent accidents between these people and vehicles, such as the requirements of cyclists to use hand turn signals, but there are several ways cyclists as well as vehicle drivers can protect themselves and their loved ones.

Cyclists can do their part to keep roads safe by adhering to city bike laws such as attaching rear and forward headlights to their bicycles if they intend to ride after dark or before sunrise and riding in a single-file line.  In addition, helmet use greatly reduces risk of head injury should a collision occur.  Drivers should frequently review the road by using their mirrors and keeping a keen eye for any cyclist or pedestrian that may cross their path.  Drivers and cyclists both can educate themselves and others in their household with information available through the City of Boston to help keep Massachusetts roads safe for all users.

The road can be a crowded place and it is important that everyone on it do their part to prevent collisions.  Even with precautions and general efforts, accidents resulting in injuries still occur.  In an October 2014 article, The Boston Globe reported that bicycle crash fatalities in Boston suburbs have risen in recent years and that almost 70% of all reported crashes have involved injuries.  These injuries can include concussion, traumatic brain injury (TBI), broken bones, “road rash” type skin injuries, and even death.

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