Brockton Motor Vehicle Accidents And Pedestrian Deaths

Following a string of local deaths, Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter has been working with the United States Department of Transportation to focus on immediate improvements and community education.  They have commissioned a study because the stories are tragic.

Two young children were killed as pedestrians in August.  One, a 12 year old, was hit by a tractor-trailer while roller-blading.  The other, a three year old, was killed on Harvey Street.  More recently, a 26-year-old woman from Randolph was struck as a pedestrian and killed on East Ashland Street in downtown Brockton and a 53-year-old Brockton resident was charged with drunken driving and leaving the scene in this tragic loss.

On October 8, 68-year-old Martin Snyder was killed as a pedestrian on Court Street.  There was no arrest in that case, but the police did investigate.  In addition, 31-year-old Carl Yancey was the victim of a pedestrian motor vehicle death on September 28 on Belmont Street, which was reported as a hit-and-run.  Of course, the Brockton Police Department is investigating.

What is the Cause of these Unnecessary Pedestrian Deaths?

Perhaps the Department of Transportation study will enable Mayor Carpenter and the City of Brockton to employ some safety measures that will reduce pedestrian deaths.  We don’t have any report as yet.

Educating drivers could be one answer.  Some of the victims above were in crosswalks.  There is no excuse for a driver not seeing a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk, but the city could put up more signs reminding drivers.  And the police can stop people who don’t yield to pedestrians as a form of education.

Stopping drinking and driving is of course another way to cut down unnecessary pedestrian deaths.

Pedestrians can follow some safety tips:  wear bright clothing, use blinking lights and reflectors at night, walk defensively, don’t skateboard or roller blade in traffic, only cross in marked crosswalks, and think like the drivers don’t see you – because they likely don’t.  They are focused on other vehicles at best, and distracted at worst.

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