Pedestrians Injured All Around Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Transportation is increasing efforts to bring awareness to pedestrian and bicycle safety by its April 2014 launching of the “Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Awareness and Enforcement Program.” This program includes allotment of almost half a million dollars in funding to twelve Massachusetts communities for the purpose of “identification of infrastructure improvements that are needed to improve safe travel for all modes.”

Pedestrian Hot Spots For Injuries

Hot spots for pedestrian injuries in Massachusetts include the Chelsea district of Boston, Fall River, and the Central Square neighborhood of Cambridge.  Some factors that affect the rate of pedestrian crashes include activity levels at public transportation stops (such as frequent stops by MBTA buses at particular stops) and the level of automobile use in general.

Pedestrian accidents in Massachusetts are all too common.  Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles complied data from 2000 to 2012.  The Boston Globe recently published an interactive map () that shows areas of the Commonwealth had the highest number of motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians, based on that data.

Of course a large number of pedestrian crashes that occur in the City of Boston go unreported to agencies such as the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  According to an August 2014 article on the subject, the lack of accident reports submitted has resulted in loss of funding opportunities and the inability of officials to speak about the true level of pedestrian safety in the City of Boston.  A request must be submitted to the research division of the Boston Police Department by other city departments in order to obtain crash data.  The Boston Police Department is hopeful that technological upgrades will allow for faster completion of paperwork therefore resulting in increased reporting to state and national agencies.

Multiple Pedestrian Injury Cases In Boston, Cambridge and Around Massachusetts

Pedestrians are struck by motor vehicles all over the state.  Being struck by a vehicle is a potentially deadly occurrence, but can also result in serious and life changing injuries.  This summer alone we found numerous incidents.  For example, on August 19, 2014 a 50-year old Boston resident was struck by a sedan on Memorial Drive in Cambridge.  Memorial Drive was closed for investigation for several hours, and unfortunately, the pedestrian died from his injuries.  Other injuries from pedestrian-vehicle collisions include traumatic brain injury (TBI), broken limbs, and severe scratches (“road rash”).  A woman in Hardwick (Worcester County) was hit by a vehicle on August 12, 2014 and sustained such serious head injuries that she had to be life flighted by medics to obtain immediate medical attention at UMass Memorial Medical Center.

As we have mentioned in previous blog articles, pedestrians can work to prevent potential collisions by being conscientious.  Do your part by always checking both ways, even if you are certain you have the right of way when crossing the street, and only crossing the street when signals show it is safe.  Avoid being distracted by not looking down at your phone while walking and paying close attention to your surroundings.

Contact an Aggressive and Experienced Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one are injured as a result of a pedestrian-vehicle collision, you may be entitled to damages for lost earning capacity, medical bills, pain and suffering, or a loss of consortium claim brought by a spouse.  Contact Attorney Neil Burns at 617-227-7423 for a free consultation.  Attorney Burns has represented victims of pedestrian crashes since 1985; he has been working to get them the damages they deserve.  The first consultation is always free and there is no cost to you until your case is won.

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