Massachusetts Roofs Cause Injuries and Property Damage

Massachusetts roofs are in danger, though perhaps only a very small percentage of them. Ice dams can result in water damage to homes. Boston personal injury lawyer Neil Burns notes that experts say it may be safer to not attempt roof work in this weather. The most attention should be paid to flat roofs in Massachusetts commercial buildings rather than homes. Some of those flat roofs do not drain properly.

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS) provides a host of safety tips for residents. The following are ways to prevent injury and property damage:

1. Pay attention to build ups, especially in one or more specific places on the roof;
2. Wear protective headgear and eye glasses when examining and working near roofs;
3. If you can “rake” the roof from the ground, try; be careful of power lines, cable lines, windows, etc. This task could be more dangerous than doing nothing;
4. Avoid ladders as they add risk of danger, especially in winter weather;
5. Flat roofs can be shoveled, but only if it is determined safe to be up there;
6. Icicles are not a sign of ice damming, but they can be dangerous