Boston Snow and Ice Attorney Offers Winter Advice

The news around town this week focuses on winter storms, roof collapses and snow. And more snow. Keeping safe in winter involves a multiplicity of venues. First, driving:

our article Avoiding Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Accidents on Superbowl Sunday outlines basic driving tips for Boston area winter drivers. The focus was on avoiding alcohol and driving when tired or otherwise impaired after the game. Of course, in bad weather, the idea is to stay off the road and use public transportation. In our article Winter Driving Tips for Massachusetts Drivers, we offered advice culled from experts regarding safe driving in Massachusetts. A multiplicity of advice including stopping texting and being cautions in intersections, even when you have the right of way.

Second, your home: There is a new Massachusetts snow and ice law which makes homeowners and landlords more responsible for clearing snow and ice from their stoops and walkways. House roofs in Massachusetts [add cite from roof article here] are more vulnerable than ever with the weight of the snow and ice. Our blog article on Massachusetts roof safety points to the general advice there.

There is also the threat of loss of power. The experts offer the following advice;

1. The use candles is potentially dangerous;
2. Have flashlights, a portable radio, and a food supply;
3. Generators can be good, but require a host of safety tips;
4. Check your clothes dryer and other fan vents;
5. Space heaters can be dangerous, don’t use near flammable objects;
6. Allow water to run to avoid freezing pipes;
7. Be especially careful inspecting power lines – they are dangerous.