Avoiding Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Accidents on Superbowl Sunday

We all know Tom Brady won’t be playing. Bill Belichick will be safely back from Hawaii, working on the Patriots’ NFL draft. But many Massachusetts football fans will want to go out to watch the game. We implore you all to be careful driving in Massachusetts after the game.

If the weather is bad, don’t drive. If you have had any alcoholic beverages, don’t drive. If you are out driving in Boston or around Massachusetts follow a few simple rules; stay awake, or have someone spot you; winter driving in Massachusetts requires all of the precautions we discuss on our personal injury blog; using a cell phone is dangerous and texting in Massachusetts is illegal; watch out for pedestrians and, if you are a pedestrian, follow Massachusetts pedestrian safety laws.
According to the National Traffic Safety Administration, the high risk populations are alcohol impaired drivers, which accounts for 38.6% of all traffic deaths. They urge the use of taxis, public transportation and designated drivers. Second, young drivers; the death rate of 16 to 20 year olds is twice the national average! Third, pedestrians, who account for 13% of all motor vehicle related deaths. Finally, seat belts and child booster seats are required, by law, and have reduced motor vehicle death rates dramatically.
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