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Neil Burns
Neil Burns

Personal Injury Lawyer Neil Burns

I have been practicing law in Boston and throughout Massachusetts since 1985. I have represented clients in District Courts, Superior Courts, the Appeals Court, Housing Court, Probate Courts, Federal Bankruptcy Court and the Federal District Court. Recently I was proud to be named a SUPERLAWYER as judged by other Massachusetts lawyers.

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Prescription Meds and Massachusetts Car Crashes:  What You Need to Know

Prescription drugs are a major industry in our country, especially pain medication or opioids such as Vicodin, Percocet or Oxycontin. Doctors prescribe these and other medications regularly, and frequently. However, there may be insufficient verbal warnings by the doctor or pharmacist, or written warnings on the label that advises the user that it causes drowsiness or dizziness or should not be taken if operating a motor vehicle.

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Drunk Truck Driver Flips Rig This One Takes the Cheese

In a recent trucking accident on Interstate 93 in Milton, Massachusetts, a truck carrying a heavy load of cheese flipped on its side, damaging guard rails, taking down power lines and causing major delays. Fortunately, no one was injured other than the sensitivities of cheese lovers.

Although we can make cheese jokes at the driver’s expense, what is frightening is that the truck driver was given a chemical test that revealed he had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of 0.11%. Motorists cannot legally drive with a BAC of 0.08% or higher. Commercial drivers, like the cheese truck driver, are driving unlawfully if their BAC is at least 0.04%.  Motorists should not drive with any alcohol in their system whatsoever.  It impairs.

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Deadly Crash Involving Motorcycle and Truck

Motorcycle and truck accidents happen every day and occasionally both are involved in the same collision. Because motorcycle riders have little protection in any kind of collision, the consequences can be catastrophic or fatal.

In a recent motorcycle accident near Elgin, Illinois, a 25-year old man was killed when a semi-tractor trailer made a left turn in front of his bike. The family of the motorcycle driver has filed a wrongful death action against the truck driver alleging that the driver failed to yield by making a turn when it was unsafe to do so, failed to maintain control of his truck, failed to maintain a proper lookout and was proceeding too fast for the traffic conditions.

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What? A Driverless Car Accident?

Many people are excited about the prospect of driverless or autonomous vehicles becoming commonplace on our roadways, eliminating the human factors that are responsible for causing 94% of all traffic accidents.  A high percentage of accidents and injuries are caused by intoxication, distracted driving (smartphone use) and speeding. If you are in a driverless car, though, then it makes no difference how intoxicated you are or if you are focused exclusively on your smartphone. Also, your driverless car will not speed so that factor may be eliminated as well.

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