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Neil Burns
Neil Burns

Personal Injury Lawyer Neil Burns

I have been practicing law in Boston and throughout Massachusetts since 1985. I have represented clients in District Courts, Superior Courts, the Appeals Court, Housing Court, Probate Courts, Federal Bankruptcy Court and the Federal District Court. Recently I was proud to be named a SUPERLAWYER as judged by other Massachusetts lawyers.

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Underinsured Coverage Why You Need It

Auto Insurance Policy Requirements

All Massachusetts motorists are required to carry auto liability insurance so that if they cause an accident, the other party can be compensated to some degree. However, the minimum limits for coverage is very low. By state law, a car owner need only purchase coverage of $20,000/$40,000. This means that if you were injured in an accident, you may only recover up to $20,000. If there are multiple injured claimants, the 40,000 would have to divided among you and the other injured parties with no single party collecting more than $20,000.

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Massachusetts Legal Malpractice News December 2016

Many victims of legal malpractice can file claims with the Massachusetts Clients’ Security Board of the Supreme Judicial Court.  Established by the SJC in 1974, the CSB awards 100% of clients losses as a result of attorney fraud; attorneys that actually steal, or “misappropriate” their clients monies.  Note, this does not include victims of malpractice in which clients monies have not been misappropriated.

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Super Market Liability – What Happens When You’re Injured at a Store

All of us shop at supermarkets or have at one time or another. These stores have a high duty or care to shoppers and must ensure that aisles are clean and free of debris or slippery substances, that objects are properly stocked, and its entrances and exits free of hazards. Regardless, accidents do happen in supermarket, some of which are other than the usual slip and fall. These injury claims are handled as premises liability matters since they occur on someone’s property. These can be difficult to resolve satisfactorily but many do result in substantial compensation if handled correctly by a premises liability lawyer. But there are also things you can do.

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Stair Case Injuries: What You Need to Know

Falling or slipping on a stair case can lead to devastating injuries and even death depending on how you fall, your age and condition. Tumbling down a flight of stairs can easily lead to head and neck injuries, a broken pelvis or fractured limbs.

An injury sustained on someone else’s property comes under the principles of premises liability law.  Homeowners, business owners and public entities have certain degrees of responsibility toward guests and members of the public though different laws regarding notice and liability apply depending on the status of the owner and, in some cases, on the status of the injured party.

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Massachusetts Residents Near Bottom for Seat Belt Use

Bay state residents may be politically liberal but we are also libertarian-minded when it comes to certain issues such as wanting the government to stay out of particular social matters. However, this streak of free thinking and hands-off attitude does not translate well when it comes to seat belt use.

Massachusetts ranks third to last in the entire country when it comes to seat belt use, behind New Hampshire and South Dakota.  Amazingly, New Hampshire only requires those over 18 to buckle up.  It has been a struggle through the years to get our Commonwealth residents to use their seat belts but efforts to make non-seat belt use a primary violation have failed.  Currently, you cannot be stopped or ticketed for failing to use your seat belt unless you first are observed to have violated some other ordinance or traffic law.

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