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Neil Burns
Neil Burns

Personal Injury Lawyer Neil Burns

I have been practicing law in Boston and throughout Massachusetts since 1985. I have represented clients in District Courts, Superior Courts, the Appeals Court, Housing Court, Probate Courts, Federal Bankruptcy Court and the Federal District Court. Recently I was proud to be named a SUPERLAWYER as judged by other Massachusetts lawyers.

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Massachusetts Motorcycle Accidents on the Rise in 2016

Motorcycle accidents and fatalities have been decreasing for several years but in 2016, state officials are finding that the trend is reversing. There are likely several reasons for this unfortunate circumstance.

Officials are mostly blaming the mild winter for the rise in motorcycle accidents. Traffic observers commented that they rarely if ever saw motorcycle accidents in the winter months in prior years but the warm weather brought out riders as early as February in 2016. There have been 2 fatal motorcycle accidents each month from February to April giving the state a head start toward exceeding its average of 38 to 46 fatalities it experienced in the past 3 years. Warm weather always brings out more vehicles and as a result, and the incidence of accidents are bound to increase.

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Boat Collisions & Homeowners Insurance: What You Need to Know

The end of the Massachusetts boating season is here.  Boating is a popular pastime for millions of people. Being on the water can be a relaxing experience with opportunities to enjoy the vistas, cool breezes, sun, and to fish, swim, water ski or spend time with friends and family.  Unfortunately, boat collisions and boating accidents are not uncommon and the consequences can be catastrophic for the victims.

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When Road Rage Leads to Settlement Confidentiality Problems

If you drive long enough, you will likely encounter road rage, an unfortunate symptom of the driving culture whereby a driver feels personally affronted by another motorist who may have cut him/her off or made a reckless maneuver that narrowly avoided resulting in a collision.  In most cases, the aggrieved driver may retaliate by honking incessantly at the other motorist, “flipping off” the driver or speeding in front of the perpetrator just to show him/her who is the boss of the highway.  In extreme cases, there have been incidents of motorists firing weapons at the other driver, crashing into the other vehicle or stopping the car and confronting the driver.  But when a major business or company’s driver is involved, we may not find out how the matter was resolved because of the use of confidentiality agreements.

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Are My Insurance Rates Going Up?

Is it really true that there can be “too much of a good thing,” at least when it comes to technology?  Technology can be good for us in many ways by making our lives easier, healthier and less costly in some cases.  We all yearn for a strong economy, lower gas prices, more and better jobs and accessible health coverage for all.  For some time now, the economy has been adding new jobs each month, sophisticated car technology is making driving easier and more fun and cheaper gas prices have made it easier on our budgets.  More people with health insurance was promised to lessen the burden on all of us regarding health costs, although the jury is still out on this.

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