Truckers in Boston Must follow New Law On Massachusetts Highways

Under new Department of Transportation regulations, truckers in Massachusetts may not use any device to text message others while operating commercial vehicles. This new federal regulation has come about (not because of common sense, as you would think) but as a result of numerous fatal accidents. The most notorious offense was when two Washington, D.C Metro workers were struck and killed by a maintenance truck, the driver of which was found to be texting; other collisions occur with distractions as well. Fines can be imposed up to $2,750 for truck drivers caught texting.

The DOT noted a study that found that while texting, drivers remove their eyes from the road for 4.6 seconds out of 6 seconds.  This follows an Executive Order of October 1, 2009 stating that federal employees “shall not engage in text messaging” when driving. The Order applies to all civilian federal employees. The law existed in California since January 1, 2009.
The new law, however, is broader, as it applies to all citizens, public and private. The DOT has ample research on texting and other driver distraction issues for public use.