A2Z Injuries to Children Law Blog in Boston, Massachusetts

I have been representing children who are victims of personal injury in Boston, and throughout Massachusetts, since 1985. Each case is different, however, we have drafted this column for general reference for our clients.

Children are victims of others’ negligence in the same ways that adults are. In addition, however, they are often victims because others do not even think that a child will be attracted to a dangerous object or animal.

The following are resources that we have found helpful.

– Parent’s Press identifies the biggest risk is head injuries. This includes sport injuries, concussions, open injuries and other injuries of the head or spine.
Safe Kids News has a website that is updated regularly with significant news regarding keeping children safe.
Children’s Hospital in Boston has a website with a wealth of information for parents in Boston and throughout Massachusetts.

Regardless of how your child becomes injured, often times an attorney is needed to seek redress for the damages. This can be to be compensated for medical expenses, your lost earnings while caring for an injured child, scarring and disfigurement.

We have significant experience in working with families with children that have been injured. We have represented families in which the children were injured and achieved significant results in filing lawsuits against the persons who caused the injuries. Our cases have varied; from representing a little boy who was trying to retrieve his ball when his left hand was crushed by an electric gate; to representing a boy who was a victim of an assault, damaging his mouth ; to numerous children who were harmed in motor vehicle accidents.

Contact our Boston office with questions about whether your family may have a case.