Boston Legislators Pass Hands Free Cell Bill for Vehicle Safety

Our blog normally does not comment on pending legislation and the political process, however, the bill passed by the Massachusetts House of Representatives in Boston on February 4, 2010, would make it safer for drivers. Period. We would be the seventh state to outlaw the use of cell phones without a hands free device. Thus, drivers would be able to keeps their hands on the wheel and their attention on the road.

While the bill now faces the Massachusetts Senate, and the various lobbyists for and against the proposed law will present their focus there. For example, the AARP will oppose the portion of the bill that imposes a greater penalty on younger and older drivers; the bill imposes a fine of $100 for the first offense on all drivers; however, drivers under 18 who violate the law would have their licenses suspended. The proposed legislation also allows insurance companies to impose surcharges on violators. We would submit to the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys as to how to respond to new powers to the local insurance industry.
Notwithstanding the process, we would urge our readers and our legislators to hammer out any problems and pass a law that makes our roads safer for all of us.