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Uber Accidents In Massachusetts and the New 911 App

Victims of motor vehicle accidents in Massachusetts, and especially Greater Boston where there is a higher concentration of ride sharing services, have a new, helpful and potentially life saving feature in their Uber app.

Uber Now Has 911 Built Into Uber App in Massachusetts

In a great step toward more safety in accidents, Uber has initiated a new program, to start in Massachusetts before any other state, which is an updated 911 feature built into the Uber app.  Upon calling 911 thorough the app, the app sends the 911 operator the vehicle information, license place, and the location of the vehicle automatically.  Thus, if you need to make a 911 call, you don’t even need to provide that information – first responders will have it instantly.  And they can find you faster, especially on busy streets.

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Distracted Driving Deadly for Motorcyclists

Summer, especially in the Northeast, brings out the motorcyclists in droves. Riding a motorcycle can be fun and exciting as well as a cheaper and often faster way to get around town or to head to the Cape. They are quick off the draw, agile and highly maneuverable, and easy to park in congested downtown areas. However, riders have no protection between them and the roadway or another vehicle, and their smaller size means they are nearly invisible to other motorists, especially those who are distracted. Even a minor collision where motorists and passengers would simply walk away with no injuries can result in catastrophic injuries to a motorcycle rider and passenger. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in either an injury or death to the rider or passenger.

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Uber Passenger Faces Lawsuit by Massachusetts Cyclist

Uber is one of two highly recognized ridesharing or ride-hailing services that is ubiquitous in most cities and larger towns throughout the U.S. and abroad. Each state requires these services to maintain a one-million-dollar liability policy in the event of an accident where the Uber or Lyft app is activated, and a passenger is on-board. These policies provide substantial coverage for the drivers if they cause an accident or they or their passengers are injured while being transported. But what if a third party asserts that the Uber passenger was at least partially at fault for their injuries? Would Uber insurance cover the passenger?

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Honk and Hit-A Car Accident Leaves Injured Pedestrians

Crosswalks are designed to protect pedestrians as they cross intersections or anywhere else on a roadway where they are painted by alerting motorists to their presence. By Massachusetts law, a motorist must stop when a pedestrian is in a crosswalk or if the pedestrian is within 10 feet of the halfway point in the road. However, one impatient and allegedly intoxicated motorist in early May of this year felt that 3 pedestrians in a crosswalk at Columbus and Clarendon in the South End of Boston around midnight were mere annoyances. After honking at the 3 people who were crossing, he decided to just plow through and struck them.

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Truck Accidents and Wrongful Death Suits

Truck accidents are often synonymous with wrongful death claims because of the severity of the injuries and damage these vehicles can cause in a collision. Tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles can weigh 80,000 pounds or more with loads compared to the 5,000 pounds of the average passenger vehicles. In a collision with one of these massive vehicles, drivers and passengers in ordinary cars are at a serious disadvantage. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that 73% of those killed in truck accidents are the drivers and passengers of the smaller vehicle.

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Ejected From A Vehicle – What You Need to Know

In early May of this year, a roll-over accident on I-495 in Milford, Massachusetts, resulted in the driver and a female passenger sustaining serious injuries. Both were rushed to Milford Regional Medical. A second passenger was treated for minor injuries and released. The rollover caused the seriously injured passenger to be ejected from the car but it was unclear if she or any of the passengers were wearing seat belts. There were no other vehicles involved, and police reports did not indicate how or why the driver lost control or if alcohol or drugs were involved.

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Springfield Cracks Down on Dirt Bikes – What You Need to Know

Dirtbikes are recreational vehicles for trail riding or on private roads. Most are not street legal, meaning they are not registered and have not met certain standards for safe riding on public roadways. Despite their illegality, riders in Springfield, Massachusetts, and in other communities have taken to the city streets and are creating havoc with motorists and pedestrians. Springfield’s mayor apparently had had enough of these incidents between motorists and dirtbike rider.

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Cars are Safe – But Pedestrians Are Still at Risk in Massachusetts

The newest reports on pedestrian accidents from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association are a little misleading at first glance. Because of increased safety measures, such as traffic calming, installation of bike lanes, placing flashing lights on crosswalks, constructing safety islands, and decreasing speeds in urban areas, 23 states have reported a decline in pedestrian accidents and fatalities since 2017. There were 6 states that had double-digit declines and 3 had consecutive years of decreased pedestrian incidents. Our sister state, New Hampshire, is apparently the safest state for pedestrians having reported just a single fatality in 2018 representing an astounding 80% drop in pedestrian fatalities.

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UPS Rewards Safe Drivers

UPS recently announced that it was honoring 25 of its Massachusetts drivers for having at least 25-years of driving without an accident. The honor means that their names will be inscribed in the company’s Circle of Honor that lists the names of its drivers for similar safe driving records worldwide. Massachusetts has 193 drivers in this UPS hall of fame with one driver boasting 39-years of service without an accident. This is remarkable given the long hours many drivers are on the road, and in all kinds of weather and traffic conditions. To date, UPS has around 2,310 drivers on Massachusetts roads.

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