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Massachusetts Reports Significant Increase in Pedestrian Deaths

While our roads and highways have experienced a dramatic decrease in traffic since our state began the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and commuting to work receded into a distant memory, we are nevertheless seeing a dramatic increase in pedestrian accidents and deaths. This would seem counter-intuitive since fewer cars and people on the streets would naturally appear to result in substantially fewer encounters between people and cars. But data from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation showed that we had 28 pedestrian fatalities in April, one more than in April 2019. This is despite up to a 50% reduction in traffic on major highways.

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How Your Cars Hidden Black Box is Helping MA Police While Creating Privacy Concerns

Most Massachusetts motorists are probably unaware that their vehicle, if manufactured in 2013 to the present, has a black box, similar to those found in airplanes. Called an Event Data Recorder (EDR), these devices can offer valuable information in an accident investigation. However, they can and do, like just about any app found on your smartphone, gather certain private data that is often sold to marketers or others.

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Violent Head On Collision Near Braintree, Massachusetts High School

This past January two young men in their early 20s who were on their way to an early morning shift for work were killed when their sedan apparently drifted into the opposite lane of traffic and was struck head-on by a pickup truck. Both vehicles sustained heavy front-end damage and the sedan, which ended up in the woods, had a smashed windshield. The pickup truck driver had non-life-threatening injuries.

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Hit and Run Driver Who Seriously Hurt Pedestrian in Worcester is Identified

A 21-year old woman was recently identified and arrested for having struck and seriously injured a female pedestrian on Chandler Street in Worcester, Massachusetts on the evening of January 14, 2020 before fleeing the scene. The accident occurred after another motorist from the opposite direction had stopped to allow the pedestrian to cross. Police had been advised to look for a female driving a red car. 

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Red Light Traffic Cameras Could Get Green Light From Massachusetts Senate

In case you missed it, red light cameras may be coming to Massachusetts. Haven’t many folks tried to beat a light, knowing that there are several seconds between the time the light turns red and crossing traffic gets a green light? Now, however, if a bill passes in the state senate, you should think twice about doing that again. Last reports are, though, that the bill is stalled and tabled for the time being.

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The Unforeseen Dangers of a Device That Curbs Drunk Driving

Drunk driving in Massachusetts and throughout the nation remains a major factor in roadway accidents and account for about 28% of highway fatalities each year. Despite decades of public and media safety campaigns, increased enforcement efforts, and stricter civil and criminal penalties, people continue to drink and drive. One measure to curtail drunk driving that has appeared to be effective has been the installation of interlock ignition devices (IID) on cars driven by individuals convicted of drunk driving. However, there are reportedly unforeseen dangers in how these devices are being used.  Read more

Massachusetts Safe Driving Campaign Targets Young Drivers

Safe driving campaigns are nothing new in Massachusetts. For decades, our state and counties have poured millions of dollars into educating motorists about the need to buckle up, and to refrain from speeding and drinking and driving. More recently, social media and other campaigns were directed toward drivers who text and drive and use hand-held devices. But with the recent legalization of marijuana for recreational use, safety advocates have felt the need to educate the public about this newest hazard to drivers and pedestrians, especially when marijuana is combined with alcohol. 

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Pedestrian Struck and Killed in Sturbridge

A tragic accident in Sturbridge, Massachusetts a few month ago where a 67-year old man was killed while walking on Main Street underscores the increasing risks that pedestrians appear to be facing. In 2018, there were 6,227 pedestrians killed on our nation’s roadways, which was 250 more than in 2017. Since 2008, the percentage of pedestrians killed has risen by 41% according to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association.  Read more