How to File an Accident Report in Massachusetts

If you were unfortunate enough to have been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Massachusetts, you are required to complete an accident report within 5 days of the crash provided that:

  • There was property damage of at least $1000
  • An injury or fatality occurred

Do not forget that at the accident scene you are required to exchange vehicle, registration and insurance information with any other involved parties.  If it was a solo accident, leave your information in a conspicuous location such as on the windshield of the other vehicle. 

You can download the form called “Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report”  at If you or a loved one were injured in the crash, do not hesitate to contact a car accident attorney at Burns and Jain to help you complete the report and to obtain a free consultation about a possible injury claim. 

Once the report is completed, it must be sent to the police department in the jurisdiction where the collision occurred. If unsure where to send the report, contact our office. Another copy must also be sent to your own auto liability carrier. 

However, is there any adverse effect of failing to file?  Talk to your personal injury trial attorney BEFORE you decide this.  

What Information is Needed on the Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report?

The Accident Report form is a long and comprehensive one. You should fill out as much information as possible. You will be requested to provide the following:

  • Date of the accident
  • City and town where it occurred
  • Number of vehicles involved
  • Number of occupants in vehicle
  • Estimated damage in dollars
  • Driver’s license numbers of all parties
  • Registration information for all parties
  • Insurance information for all parties 
  • Describe other vehicle or object with which you collided (fence, post, building, etc.)
  • Seating position of occupants
  • Describe injuries if known
  • Name and address of other parties
  • If non-motorists were involved such as pedestrians or bicyclists, describe what those parties were doing at the moment of collision
  • Describe the weather and road conditions 
  • Explain the circumstances of the accident
  • Contact information of any witnesses 
  • Draw a diagram of the accident
  • For accidents involving non-vehicles, describe the damage 

As you can see, there is substantial information that you must provide so take your time in completing the form. Also, be aware that your description of your own injuries and your involvement in the accident can be used at a later time to discredit you should your testimony differ or vary from your written account. 

What to Do After an Accident

If you were injured in an auto accident, there are a number of things you can do to help support and preserve your claim that can lead to compensation:

  1. Be sure all occupants are safe or if injured.
  2. If your vehicle is in an unsafe location, move it to a safe spot if it is operational.
  3. Immediately call 911 and ask for medical assistance.
  4. Exchange license, registration and insurance information with the other party if possible.
  5. Give as much information to the investigating officer if able to do so.
  6. Again, if possible, take photos of all property damage since that can often be determinative of  fault in a liability dispute.
  7. Never refuse medical attention even if you feel a slight injury such as a sore neck or back since many symptoms worsen or do not become apparent for several hours.
  8. Seek medical attention with your own provider as soon as possible.
  9. Contact your own auto liability carrier.
  10. Promptly contact an experienced auto accident attorney.

Retain a Car Accident Attorney from Burns and Jain

If necessary, a car accident attorney from Burns and Jain will help you complete the accident report and file it for you. Any information that is needed to support your claim and your damages will be handled by our attorneys who will subpoena all relevant records, contact witnesses, advise you on medical issues, negotiate a settlement on your behalf, and protect you from providers and others who may claim liens on your settlement.  Call our office at (617) 227-7423 for a free consultation about your injury claim.

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