Massachusetts Accidents: Contest to Promote Safe Driving to Avoid Accidents

The average driver in Massachusetts drives 11,759 miles per year.  How many times have drivers passed signs warning of potential road hazards, electronic signs that may let a driver know how many minutes to a destination, or simple reminders to be considerate drivers just because it’s the “same old, same old,” the same cut and dry “nags” that drivers’ education teachers and parents have given for years? 

This summer, The Massachusetts Department of Transportation sponsored a contest they called “#DOTSPEAK.”  The object?  Have Massachusetts drivers submit serious, but funny, messages promoting safe driving to avoid accidents.  This contest came on the heels of Massachusetts DOT programming electronic road signs to flash “Changing Lanes? Use Yah Blinkah!” in May 2014, which officials say received positive feedback from drivers.  Massachusetts drivers were encouraged to submit entries aimed to increase seatbelt use, reduce road rage, and continue the campaign against distracted driving, all in an attempt to promote safety and reduce motor vehicle accidents.  Over 500 entries were received and the three winners were each assigned a weekend to be displayed, the last of which falls on Columbus Day weekend this coming October.  The Mass DOT hopes that changing up the usual messages will increase safe driving awareness and reduce accidents.  The added bonus is that these winning messages can bring smiles to the faces of Massachusetts drivers.

Simple Steps to Keep Roads Safe

Even if your friends or family may give you a hard time for being a stickler for safety, always insist that your passengers, or anyone who may be driving you, wear their seat belt.  Not only will it keep everyone in the car safe if something should go wrong, but it may also prevent the driver and front seat passenger from receiving a costly ticket.  In addition, take into account the weather conditions when you are on the road.  Drive more cautiously in the rain or snow, and remember that roads are often slick even after the rain stops, especially in the summer.  And just as we have said so many times before, do not use your cell phone or other distracting electronic devices while driving.  Maybe MassDOT’s new signs will remind you!

A vehicle collision can occur for a variety of reasons, one of which is driver negligence and failing to drive their car or truck in a safe manner. Each motorist on the road has an obligation to other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians on the road way to drive their vehicle in a safely and attentively while also driving in a manner appropriate for the weather.  Unsafe drivers breach that duty by the way by driving too fast in the rain, looking at their phone instead of noticing break lights on the car ahead of them, or changing lanes with no indication.  Each of these actions can result in a collision, which can then result in injuries such as broken bones, concussion or other forms of traumatic brain injury, and nerve damage.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

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