Accident Lawyer Reports on Top Motor Vehicle Crash Sites in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation published its updated crash report, which includes all reported motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents through 2011.  The data is interesting in several respects.  The ranking is a matching of property damage reported and injuries reported.  It is a “first brush tool to evaluate top crash intersection locations” so as to improve safety.

The Top Ten Intersections Where Collisions Occur in Massachusetts

According to the study, the most dangerous intersection is in Holyoke, at the intersection of Holyoke Street and Holyoke Mall at Ingleside.  In 2011, there were 198 crashes there, with 314 reports of property damage and 29 Holyoke injuries at that location.  The crash map  provided indicates many of the collisions were on Holyoke Street, after the intersection.

The Lowell intersection of Veterans of Foreign Wars Highway and Varnum Avenue resulted in 165 accidents, at number two.  There were 313 property damage reports with 37 injuries, according to the report.

Number three was a Brockton intersection at Pleasant and West Streets, with 97 accidents at that location, with 249 property damage claims and 38 injuries.

Number four brings us back to Lowell with 112 total crashes at the intersection of Bridge Street and, unfortunately again, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Highway with 112 crashes and 248 property damage claims.  There were 34 injuries reported at this Lowell intersection.

Number 5 is the Main Street and Middle Street intersection in Weymouth with 131crashes and 247 claims for property damage; there were 29 personal injury claims at that Weymouth accident site.

Route 44 and Orchard Street in Raynham was the next heaviest accident locus in the Commonwealth with 94 reported crashes and 246 property claims.  Thirty eight people were injured in Raynham at that orchard Street intersection.

The Plymouth Avenue and Rodman Street intersection in Fall River was seventh on the DOT list with 105 collisions, 237 property damage matters and 33 personal injuries.

Worcester has the next highest ranking dangerous intersection with the Chandler Street Murray Avenue intersection associated with 90 accidents and 226 property damage claims along with 34 reported individuals with injuries.

Somerville, Massachusetts ranked ninth with the Mystic Avenue and Fellsway intersection the location for 91 crashes, 214 property claims and 24 bodily injury claims.  Unfortunately, the Mystic Fellsway intersection was also the scene of 3 wrongful deaths.

Number ten on this list was yet another Lowell location:  the intersection of Middlesex Street and Wood Street.

Other Notable Crash Site Intersections in Massachusetts

The “most dangerous” intersection in Boston, by these rankings, would be the intersection of Morton and Harvard, with 47 crashes, 159 reports of property damage and 28 Boston injuries reported.  It ranked 26th on the list.

Number 30 on the list is the Waltham intersection of Main and Lyman Streets, resulting in 18 personal injuries and one wrongful death.

Lowell, Worcester and Brockton have a fair share of intersections on this list.

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