Wrongful Death to Pedestrian

As a personal injury attorney in Boston, we see all too many pedestrian accident cases. Pedestrians are struck by motor vehicles and are injured in crosswalks, near crosswalks, in places where crosswalks should be and, of course, elsewhere. The law provides protection, but safe driving, and safe walking, provides even more protections.

Pedestrians who are injured in motor vehicle accidents have numerous rights. They have access to their own motor vehicle insurance policies, for PIP, for under insurance and uninsured coverage. Most significantly, the driver and owner of the vehicle causing the injury or death, has insurance coverage that we seek immediately.

Pedestrian Killed By Tractor Trailer Walking For Son

We note that a tragic accident in Oregon was followed by a tragic pedestrian accident in Colorado. Joe Ball, of La Grande, Oregon, was the father of a gay teenager who was bullied extensively. Unfortunately, the teenage boy took his own life as a result of his feelings of helplessness. Mr. Ball decided to walk across the United States in an attempt to promote bullying awareness and mourn the death of his son.

Mr. Ball even had a Facebook page dedicated to his efforts: Joe’s walk for change. Along his way he partnered with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, at 1 800 273 TALK (8255) in trying to get teenagers in trouble to seek help; he also stopped and spoke at numerous venues to teach folks that there is help available, that folks in trouble need not resort to drastic measures like his son.

Tragically, Mr. Ball was hit by a tractor trailer in Colorado. The cause of the accident was the negligent driving of the truck driver. He was cited for “careless driving” involving a death. Of course, as in most motor vehicle verses pedestrian collisions, the driver of the truck was not injured.

Experienced Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one is the victim of a pedestrian accident in Massachusetts, call an attorney with experience. We have represented victims of pedestrian injuries since 1985. There are many variables that play into such accidents that are different from accidents involving motor vehicles striking other motor vehicles.

Because the pedestrian is often seriously injured, and the driver of the vehicle is not, the police take statements from the driver who, invariably, says “he jumped out so fast I didn’t see him” which makes sense from his perspective because the driver did not likely misjudge. On the other hand, many factors go into how the accident should be evaluated. Was the driver facing into the sun? Was lighting an issue? Did the driver look at the vehicles and not the pedestrians in the crosswalk? Was the driver paying attention? Texting? Dialing the phone? We have dealt whit all of these situations and will aggressively pursue our clients’ rights in pedestrian injury cases.

If you know someone inured by a truck or motor vehicle while a pedestrian, call for a free consultation. Get an experienced attorney on your side.

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