Safe Holidays for Massachusetts Drivers and Consumers

The Law Office of Neil Burns wishes our clients and friends a happy and safe holiday season. With motor vehicle injuries and deaths down, we remind folks that staying safe while driving in Massachusetts is critical. Drive and cross defensively, especially in intersections; when you have a green light or a crosswalk be sure to look before you enter; your permission to enter does not stop a negligent driver. Be careful about leaving things in your vehicle when parked. Brown University Police point out that where you park and what you leave in your vehicle could help too. Holiday safety of course includes extra care around flammable Christmas trees and their associated lights. For children’s presents, Massachusetts Eye and Ear reminds you to avoid toys that shoot, fly or have sharp edges and suggest looking for the ASTM label; also, they remind us to give protective eyewear when giving sporting gifts.

The US Fire Administration, a division of FEMA, has numerous helpful suggestions, including how to treat, light and dispose of your tree. The Electrical Safety Foundation International has a whole holiday safety newsletter. Of course, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a terrific website which has pointers for holiday safety including obvious but critical hints including regular hand washing, keeping warm and managing winter (holiday) stress.