Rocking Horse Recall Affects Massachusetts Consumers

Massachusetts residents should take note that the Consumer Product Safety Commission recently issued a recall of children’s toy rocking horses because of the hazard presented for potential injury to children. The Boston personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Neil Burns have represented children injured in accidents and bring you messages related to child safety.

Apparently, the CPSC warns that there is a voluntary recall of Rocking Horse Depo ( products. The toys have bridles, manufactured in Poland, which have been found to be a hazard, causing a near strangulation of a young girl. The reigns appear to be too long. It is not clear if a simple modification, such as cutting off the reigns, would help.
As personal injury attorneys with a focus on representing the families of injured children, whether it is holiday safety for kids or stroller recalls, we have devoted to these matters significant time and our acknowledged expertise as child injury lawyers.