Massachusetts State Troopers Try to Improve Safety

Massachusetts has recently seen a rash of Boston area car accidents involving Massachusetts State Police officers. Thus, the State Police Association of Massachusetts — the troopers’ union — is calling for action: they want more personnel on major highways during peak hours, primarily Friday and Saturday nights. The attorneys at the Boston Law Office of Neil Burns want all Boston and Massachusetts residents to drive with caution as we see firsthand the results of personal injuries resulting from car accidents and those injured in car accidents.
Recently, a Massachusetts state trooper was recently killed in Mansfield, Massachusetts and two more state troopers were injured during car accidents in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Taunton, Massachusetts. These crashes are thus increasing road, traffic, and automobile safety concerns in recent weeks and prompting Massachusetts to take action.

The move is getting a lot of attention and for good reason. Across the country, the number of officers killed in traffic accidents is up 35 percent this year.

The state trooper that was struck by a car at the intersection of O’Brien Highway and Land Boulevard in Cambridge, Massachusetts a few weeks ago was one of five troopers in as many weeks that have been struck in the line of duty.
All five of the recent car accident collisions have happened between midnight and 2:30 a.m., which is why the State Police Association of Massachusetts is calling for the increase in personnel on major highways during the Friday and Saturday peak hours.