Bicycle Helmet Safety

Boston area residents should be role models when it comes to bicycle safety. Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 85: Section 11B, requires all persons 16 and under to wear an approved bicycle helmet while operating their bike on any public way in Massachusetts. The Law says nothing regarding adults and those over 16, however. The Boston Law Office of Neil Burns represents individuals injured in bicycle accidents and knows the importance of wearing a helmet in promoting bicycle safety.

The importance of wearing a bicycle helmet, regardless of age, cannot be overstated. More than 90 percent of the 714 bicyclists killed in 2008 were not wearing helmets, according the Institute for Highway Safety. So even though there is no law, per se, requiring helmet use for those older than 16, safety is the real issue.
In choosing a bicycle helmet here are some factors to consider: a helmet in a light or glittery shade makes a person more visible and less likely to be hit while on the road. This is significant given the fact that, according to the Highway Institute for Safety, the largest number of bicycle deaths occurred between 6 and 9 p.m. Another factor to consider is replacing a helmet after a fall. This is because, after a fall, the structure of the helmet weakens and becomes less effective. So even though the helmet may look fine, its structural integrity has been compromised. And finally, be a role model. After all, if children see adults wearing helmets, then it would seem natural to them. It sets a good example for children and keeps you safe, too.