Massachusetts Boating Safety

Memorial Day in Boston marks the unofficial start of summer, and unfortunately, potential boating injuries and personal injuries from outdoor activities. The Massachusetts Environmental Police (MEP), housed as the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs’ Office of Law Enforcement, is the primary agency responsible for enforcing Massachusetts’ fish and game and boating and recreational vehicle laws. The Boston attorneys at the Law Office of Neil Burns brings you the following reminders regarding boating safety since Boston and its surrounding Massachusetts suburbs have such wonderful areas for boating.

The Environmental Affairs department urges the use of lifejackets, know known as personal flotation devices, taking classes in boating safety, not using boats when under the influence of alcohol, and checking all equipment on boats before operation. PFDs are required for each person on the vessel and all children under 12 must wear the PFD. Of course, operating a motorboat under the influence of alcohol is illegal.