Should Massachusetts Ban Cellular Phone Use While Driving?

Massachusetts statistics cited by the National Safety Council in its recent editorial regarding banning the use of cellular phones while driving; distraction is a problem in a large percentage of crashes. The Boston injury attorneys at the Law Office of Neil Burns has experience in cases where distracted drivers have caused car accidents where serious personal injury results. The Law Office of Neil Burns has represented Boston and Massachusetts area residents injured as a result of distracted drivers.

According to the NSC, cell phone distracted driving is the cause of 25% of all collisions in the US. That is 1.4 million collisions with 645,000 injuries as a result of cell phones! Further, they estimate that 40% of all fatalities are cell phone related. The US Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood called it the “deadly epidemic” because it kills 6,000 people per year.
At this point 25 states have banned texting while driving and Massachusetts is working on a bill that would do so, at least for teenaged drivers.