Massachusetts Safety Checks at Boston Area High Schools

Boston area Massachusetts registry of motor vehicles inspectors and local police recently conducted “Operation Graduation.” They surprised teenage drivers at 33 Boston area high schools during a Massachusetts state-wide effort to get them to drive safer during prom and graduation season. The personal injury attorneys at the Boston office of Neil Burns have represented hundreds of children and teenagers after they have been injured in car accidents. “We are always looking at ways to keep our children and teenagers safe,” says Boston personal injury attorney Neil Burns.

As car accident lawyers, we feel it critical to warn Massachusetts drivers of ways to keep safe. In this instance, the RMV inspectors suprized approximately 4,457 teenagers at 22 high schools at check points. 86% passed and 54 students were found to be in violation of law, recieving verbal warnings. Violations included 14% or 673 students not wearing seat belts. Massachusetts reportadly has the lowest seat belt use in the country.
The penalty for failing to wear a seat belt for a junior ooperator is a 60 day loss of license and a $100 reinstatement fee to the Division of Motor Vehicles.