Massachusetts Laws for Pedestrian and Motorcycle Safety

For Massachusetts and Boston area residents, the warmer weather often means spending more time outside. So motorcycle and pedestrian injury attorney Neil Burns wants to remind Boston area pedestrians and motorcyclists to remain safe as the warmer weather approaches. “It’s a good time to review Massachusetts laws and road rules pertaining to pedestrian and motorcycle operation and safety,” says Boston injury attorney Neil Burns, citing Massachusetts laws and regulations.

Most motorcyclists know the rules of the road in Massachusetts. Pedestrians have the right of way to people in or entering a crosswalk. Further, motorcycles (and motor vehicle drivers) may not pass a vehicle that has stopped for a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

Pedestrians, on the other hand, must use crosswalks when available and must wait for the walk sign if there is one. Furthermore, even with a walk signal or in a crosswalk, pedestrians should acknowledge that many drivers will not yield, regardless of the law. Be careful out there!