Massachusetts Bicycle Safety in Boston

For Massachusetts residents, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino recently announced a major bicycling safety initiative for the City of Boston. Boston injury attorney Neil Burns has represented many victims who suffer injuries resulting from bicycle accidents. Following a recent wake of bicycle accidents, we want Boston and Massachusetts residents to stay safe while riding their bicycles.

Mayor Menino announced a Bicycle Safety Summit for April 21 to get input from bicyclists and politicians regarding bicycle safety. The mayor especially encouraged wearing helmets. He pointed out that his administration has increased marked bike lanes, started educational campaigns, and developed a Boston Bikes homepage Further, the Boston Medical Center gift shop has bicycle helmets available for $5!

This is about the need for a shared, common respect amongst everyone who uses Boston’s roads, said Mayor Menino. We have to come together and recognize that everyone is responsible for keeping our roadways safe and that we all have the right to safe passage through our beautiful city. We can start by fulfilling the personal responsibility of wearing a helmet.

Two years ago Mayor Menino developed Boston Bikes to increase cycling safety around Boston through the use of marked bike lanes and various educational campaigns. In light of the recent bicycle accidents, however, city officials encourage people to visit the Boston Bikes homepage to receive updates on the Cycling Safety Summit; visit MassBike to register for classes on Boston bicycling safety conducted on April 22, May 6 and May 19 at Boston City Hall; and, to wear a protective helmet at all times when riding a bike (helmets can be bought for $5 at the Boston Medical Center gift shop).