Massachusetts Wrongful Death Law Allows for Multiple Damages

There is a provision in the Massachusetts wrongful death statute regarding punitive damages for “malicious, willful, wonton or reckless conduct.” Massachusetts wrongful death attorney Neil Burns has used this portion of the law to secure personal financial information from the defendants; and to pressure insurance companies to pay a fair value to victim families..

Attorney Neil Burns has represented families and loved ones who are victims of a wrongful death for decades. The complexities are multiplied because there are often numerous perspectives on how to proceed. We have experience working with families and loved ones: we assist in probating the estate, in investigating the accident, in finding where there was negligence, and in working to resolve the case.
The law in Massachusetts is clear regarding who can recover monies from a wrongful death. The law is also clear on how recovery can be effectuated–claims for pain and suffering before death, medical and hospital bills, loss of future earnings, loss of companionship and love.
We are experienced in working with clients who have suffered the ultimate loss. We work aggressively to gather information and fight the insurance companies who often blame the victim; we are mindful of the victim’s families; and we have a track record of effective resolution of claims.