Injuries to Children in Massachusetts and Boston’s Suburbs

In the Boston suburb of Plainville, Massachusetts, a mother recently filed a lawsuit following the death of her teenage daughter. There are serious risks associated with underage drinking. The Law Office of Neil Burns is dedicated to keeping our children safe, and in zealously representing families whose child suffers injury or death.

In this case, the deceased teen, Taylor Meyer, was a senior at King Philip Regional High School in Wrentham, Massachusetts. She was found drowned in a local swamp. Unfortunately, investigation determined that she and friends had attended at least three parties the night of Oct. 17, 2008, and she was intoxicated. Taylor Meyer’s mother has a wrongful death case against two adults and five youths claiming that they provided Taylor with alcohol.

According to reports, 21-year-old Sean Flynn has been charged criminally with providing alcohol to a minor following the death of Meyer. Flynn is one of the adults named in wrongful death law suit. Also a named defendant is 20-year-old Brian Zuzick and his sister Paige Zuzick. Zuzick was charged criminally with providing alcohol to Meyer as well as to his younger sister, Paige Zuzick that night. The other defendants that are named re Matthew Dusseault, Christopher Moran, Rachel Stark and Stark’s mother, Dianne. Apparently there were numerous other instances of under aged drinking in the area and the plaintiff, Taylor’s mother, wants to enlighten the community as much as possible.
Preventing injuries to children, keeping children safe, and zelously protecting children after injury has long been a focus and practice area at the Law Office Neil Burns.