Massachusetts Burn Injury Cases Handled by Boston Firms

We have been representing victims of burn injuries in Boston, and throughout Massachusetts, since 1985. Each case is different, however, we have drafted this column for general reference for our clients.

First, and foremost, get professional medial help. Emergency medical personnel and hospitals throughout Massachusetts are equipped for almost any medical emergency. Following emergency treatment, continue to seed medical help as burn injuries are serious and often permanent.

Second, Massachusetts has an Executive Office of Public Safety which is an excellent resource for residents of the Commonwealth. In a recent report by EOPS it was noted that scalds, or burns by hot liquids, were responsible for 38% of reported burns injuries. Second were flames, which accounted for 21% of burn injuries. A remarkable 48% if flame injuries were from camp or bon fires. Other causes are explosions, contact with electrical units and work related burn injuries. Motor vehicle accidents also result in a significant number of burn cases. The US government has a wealth of resources too.
Regardless of how one becomes injured, often times an attorney is needed to seek redress for the damages. This can be to be compensated for medical expenses, lost earnings, scarring and disfigurement. There can also be psychological damages, such as post traumatic stress disorder.
We have significant experience in working with victims of burn injuries. We have represented clients who were badly burned and achieved significant results in filing lawsuits against the persons who caused the injuries. Our cases have varied; from representing a little boy whose mother was burned to death saving his life in a house fire; to representing a man whose pants caught on fire when warming his hands in an auto repair shop; to injuries to workers in electrical fires.
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