Massachusetts Bicycle and Pedestrian Injury Cases Handled by Boston Firms

We have been representing victims on bicycles and pedestrians who have been struck by cars and trucks in Boston, and throughout Massachusetts, since 1985. Each case is different, however, we have drafted this column for general reference for our clients.

Massachusetts has a law which guides lawyers and courts as to the legal responsibility of bicycle riders:

Massachusetts Section 11B says that bicycles have the right to use all public streets, except limited access roads or highways. The law also requires bike riders to be subject to the same traffic laws as motor vehicle drivers. There are, of course, exceptions, including that bikes can keep to the right of cars when passing, that bicycle riders can signal with their hands, and that bikes can be on sidewalks in certain areas. Of course, bikes must yield to pedestrians.

Pedestrians are also protected by Massachusetts Section 11. This law states that whenever there is no traffic control signal, motor vehicles must yield right of way to a pedestrian that is in the vehicle’s portion of a crosswalk. This may seem obvious, but we have had many cases where drivers simply don’t bother to look. Further, vehicles cannot pass another vehicle that is stopped for pedestrian traffic in a crosswalk.

Regardless of how one becomes injured, often times an attorney is needed to seek redress for the damages. This can be to be compensated for medical expenses, lost earnings, scarring and disfigurement. We have significant experience in working with victims of bicycle and pedestrian accidents. We have represented minors, adults and families who suffered injuries from such accidents. Contact us with questions about whether you have a case.