Eye Injuries in Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Accidents

What are the most common injuries in Massachusetts motor vehicle collisions? Eye injuries? Not likely. But they do happen. How? Ejections, objects moving about the passenger compartment striking the victim, the violence of air bags which protect but also cause injuries, and the simple striking of the face against a part of the vehicle or another passenger.
Broken glass causes various eye related injuries as well as other, perhaps more obvious, injuries. The injuries include injuries from minor abrasions, cuts, retinal injuries, to corneal abrasions and far worse. Did a car accident cause double vision? Vision loss? Or light sensitivity? Do you or a loved one have an inability to focus because of an eye injury?

After cataracts, eye injuries are the second most common cause of visual impairment. Over 11% of eye injuries are associated with motor vehicle accidents. While airbag deployment can cause eye injuries, it is reported that they prevent injury far more often than cause injury. In fact, the US Eye Injury Register records show that the use of seat belts plus air bags was an effective factor in reducing the incidence of eye injuries.
Eye injury in Massachusetts as a result of a motorcycle accident? Flying debris often causes eye injuries in motorcycle riders, notwithstanding a proper helmet.
In a study undertaken by the New England Eye Center at Tufts Medical regarding decreased vision following trauma it was shown that medication can have positive results. A interesting comparison of an eye injury study can be viewed in the Tripili, Libya study which concludes that eye injuries can be prevented by using safer eye glasses, stopping the practice of putting children on parents laps, and painting better road lines. All things that we hope are already being undertaken in Massachusetts and throughout the United States.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides recommendations for drivers and passengers of motor vehicles. First and foremost, wear a seat belt. According to NHTSA over 42% of eye injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents are associated with the failure to wear seat belts. Hard to believe for folks who have been reading this blog! The other easy to remedy solution to preventing eye injuries is to keep your seat properly adjusted – remembering that the air bag an injure you if you fail to abide by the manufacturers recommendations. Children under 12 years old, including those in car seats, should not be riding in the front seat – the air bad does explode out and can seriously harm children.

Any injury you sustain as a result of negligent Massachusetts driver should be reported to the police and receive proper medical care. Eye injuries can be permanent. Seek an experienced Boston lawyer who can guide you through the insurance claims process and get you a Massachusetts injury settlement that is fair. We have experience in eye injury cases. We have used experts from Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital. Call Neil Burns, a Boston injury attorney with over 25 years experience” 617-227-7423.