Child Safety Seats Saves Lives in Massachusetts

Car seats save lives, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. In a Raynham collision between a sedan and a pick up truck that killed the driver of the sedan, a two year old passenger survived because she was in a car seat, according to the Raynham Fire Department. The accident, which happened on South Main Street in Raynham, resulted in the wrongful death of the child’s mother.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children. Thus, the NHTSA implores parents and car providers to use car seats for children; selecting ones that are appropriate for the size, height and weight of the child; to use them for as long as possible; and to keep all children in the back until at least age 13. In Massachusetts, the law is that all children under seven must be in a car seat; and all children 8 to 12, or until they are taller than 57 inches, must wear a safety belt. Those 13 or over are adults, and must also wear a safety belt.
In a recent blog article regarding Princess Di and seat belts we pointed out the same concept: seat belts save lives in Massachusetts.