Massachusetts Road Upgrade for Motor Vehicle Safety

According to reports about motor vehicle safety in Massachusetts, Route 2 in Concord will finally get an upgrade. The highway has a full elbow turn at what is known as Crosby’s Corner.

We have represented victims of car accidents at that location; in one case in particular, at the deposition of the truck driver who was coming from Route128, he testified that he had no idea there was such a long decline with a red light at the end. When his brakes failed, he testified that he had never tested them before driving that particular truck. That truck caused a collision, which involved approximately a dozen vehicles that had all been stopped for the red light at Crosby’s Corner. Last year there was an accident involving a diesel oil truck at that intersection, in which the truck driver was injured. We have also represented victims of truck accidents along that corridor of Route 2, including a wrongful death case.
It seems that the Commonwealth is finally able to fix portions of the road where there are frequent vehicle accidents. The new design will involve an elevated highway and new surface roads for local traffic. The Crosby’s Corner plan apparently involves local, state and federal authorities working together. It includes a Wetlands Protection Act variance and is ready for bidding.