Work Related Trucks and Fatality Accident Data

In a study of truck accidents involving fatalities, a multiplicity of statistics show interesting data. We reviewed the Federal Trucks involved in Fatal Accidents data complied by the Center for National Truck and Bus Statistics at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Fatal Accidents database. We intend here merely to highlight some of the data.

Average annual crash involvement rate for all trucks was 3.54. Dump trucks had the highest rate of 5.96, garbage trucks’ rate was 5.12, tractor trailerst rate was 3.63, straight trucks were at 2.9. But dump trucks accumulate 80% of their miles on short trips of less than 50 miles while semitrailers traveled 84% of the time on long trips.

Half of work truck fatal crashes occurred on state or county roads, while 13% occurred on local streets. Semitrailers had the highest percentage of fatalities on interstate highways, 61%; conversely, they had the lowest percentage of fatal crashes on local streets.

Intersections statistics: work trucks were most likely to be involved at an intersection, at the rate of 30.6%, while semitrailers were least likely, at 21.8%.

Speed limit facts: Semitrailers had the highest percentage of fatalities where speed was 55 miles per hour or higher at 76.7%. Time of day: 81% of work vehicle fatalities were in the daytime, with 18.4% at night; vans were at 75.45 and 23.5%; semitrailers were about 60% and 40% and cars, 53% at day and 46% at night. Fatal Crashes where driver restraint was not used: for work vehicles the number is 28%, vans, 18.8%, semitrailers 15.3% and cars 32.9%.

Accident types: work trucks highest accident type was 12.8% “truck straight into other vehicle” with “head on, other vehicle encroaching at 12.3%. Straight vans’ highest was 12.3% “truck hit object in road” with 11.7% of “head on, other vehicle encroaching.” Semitrailers’ highest was 10.8% with “head on, other vehicle approaching” and the next lowest 9% “rear end, stuck struck and then 8.5% “truck straight into other vehicle.”