Massachusetts Children Beware of Dangerous Pogo Sticks

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a voluntary recall of Rocket Pogo Stick by Bravo Sports after there were 123 incidents, including 9 with reported child injury. According to the CPSC the frame can break and the pin holding the spring causes lacerations to children. Injuries range from lacerations to a chipped tooth to a displaced tooth. Child injury lawyer Neil Burns, who has represented numerous children injured from dangerous or defective products in Massachusetts, urges parents to return the pogo sticks for a safer product.

The recall includes the aforementioned Rocket Pogo Stick, the Pop Stick Pogo, the Monster Stick Pogo and the Twin Stick Pogo. The cost of these toys ranges from $25 to $40. For further information regarding the Bravo Sports recall, call their toll free number provided on the news release.