Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer Reports on Justice Scalia’s Traffic Ticket

According to news we received this morning from Washington, D.C., United State Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was issued a traffic ticket by the U.S. Park Police for following too closely when his motor vehicle struck the vehicle in front of him on his way to work. The collision caused a “chain reaction” with four cars and the justice’s car being towed from the scene. Most importantly, no one reported personal injuries at the time.

Fortunately, Justice Scalia was back to work almost immediately and was on the bench when court began to hear a gender discrimination case against Walmart, where he claimed to be “whipsawed” by the women’s claim. We haven’t read the briefs, but perhaps he was whiplashed from the collision he caused? We do not have any word as to whether Justice Scalia will pay the $70 ticket or if he will appeal it for a Judge Magistrate Hearing at the to the United States District Court in Washington, D.C.