Double Damages Awarded in Massachusetts Legal Malpractice Lawsuit

A Massachusetts judge awarded double damages under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 93A, in favor of our client who was a victim of legal malpractice. In this case, our client was a double victim. He injured his neck in a Massachusetts motor vehicle accident in 2004 for which another party was at fault, however, after filing a lawsuit, his attorney failed to follow the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure and his case was dismissed in 2009. Our office served Attorney David Driscoll with a 93A Demand letter on March 20, 2010. The attorney failed to respond, in violation of the law, and we had to file suit.

Following a hearing before Judge Cornetta on February 22, 2011, our client was awarded damages and those damages were doubled under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 93A because the attorney violated the statute in failing to make a reasonable settlement offer. Further, the Court awarded our client’s medical bills to be paid by the offending attorney, his attorney fees to be paid, his out of pocket court costs, and interest at the rate of 1% per month from the time the lawsuit was filed, in June, 2010. Judgment against Attorney David Driscoll was entered on February 25, 2011.